Biodiversity Hike

The Sleeping Giant Park Association invites you to join us on our new Biodiversity Hike. Hike along with us and develop a better awareness of ecological concepts and a working perspective of biodiversity and the complex interrelationships among animals, plants, and the many different habitats within the Sleeping Giant Park. Hikers will also gain an appreciation for the influence of season on life within the park, particularly the various adaptations that have evolved to allow animals and plants to survive the harsh conditions of approaching winter months. Meet at the bulletin board by the kiosk near the park entrance at 1:30 P.M. The hike is expected to last about three hours and involve traveling over uneven, rocky terrain, possibly with a degree of rock scrambling. Hikers should be in good physical condition. Wear comfortable, supportive shoes, with good traction. Bring snacks and water if you like (preferably in a day pack). The hike is free and open to the public. Advanced registration is not necessary; however, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and have signed permission of a parent or legal guardian. Out of consideration for the other hikers, please leave pets at home.