We gratefully acknowledge the following gifts from Sleeping Giant friends and supporters in honor of a friend, family member or loved one.

In Honor of Dag and Nancy Pfeiffer's birthday's
Laverne and Peter Aivano

In Honor of Bill Baskett
Eleanor & Tony Mulder

In Honor of Richard Davis
Bethany & Nicholas Appleby
Frana K. Dupree
Louise McCleary

In Honor of Herb Etter's 80th Birthday
Gil and Helen Spencer
Murray A. Heine

In Honor of Malcolm Ferguson & Yvette Faris
Craig Ferguson

In Honor of Richard Hereld
Ernest J. Asprelli

In Honor of Carol Mead
Robert Ottenhoff

Dag & Nancy Pfeiffer's 60th wedding anniversary
Barbara & Irwin Beitch
Herb Etter
Ross & Polly Lanius
Randy Miller & Felicia Tencza

Gilbert & Helen Spencer's 50th wedding anniversary
Barbara Beitch
Joe & Vera DeAngelo
Julie Hulton
Felicia Tencza & Randy Miller
Wendy Vining

In Honor of Charles & Diane Zambrano
Mark & Corliss Montesi