About the SGPA

The story of the Sleeping Giant Park Association (SGPA) begins in 1912 when Judge Willis Cook who owned the first ridge or the Giant’s Head decided to lease the Head to the Mount Carmel Traprock Company. Perhaps to ease the objections of his neighbors, Judge Cook included a clause in the lease that no quarrying… Continue reading About the SGPA

About the Giant

A Brief History of the Giant The trap rock ridges in Connecticut began life about 170 million years ago when volcanic eruptions formed the columnar patterns of basaltic rock. This hard rock which fractures at near 90 degree angles gives the rock the name trap meaning step or stair in Swedish. In Connecticut most of… Continue reading About the Giant


The following maps and Trail Guides are available as PDF files to download: Black and White Map Color Map DEEP Map w/ Distances Cross Country Ski Map Guide to the Geology of Sleeping Giant Nature Trail Guide

Hiking Schedule

The SGPA Hiking Committee has planned a schedule of hikes for this year. All hikes are open to the public. Unless noted otherwise, all hikes will leave from the bulletin board at the park entrance on Sunday afternoons. The entrance to Sleeping Giant Park is on the north side of Mt. Carmel Avenue in northern… Continue reading Hiking Schedule

Giant Master

The Giant Master program is open to all SGPA members. We hope this will encourage our members to explore all the wonderful trails and special places in the park. Some Giant Masters send us stories and impressions from their hikes. We print some of these in the Giant News so all our members can share… Continue reading Giant Master