Board of Directors

The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors (“the Board”), which shall include: Officers, Standing Committee Chairpersons, and Directors-at-Large.

Each member of the Board of Directors is expected to attend all Board meetings. The Board meets bi-monthly in addition to an Annual Meeting of Members.


President: Luis ArataPresides at and facilitates all meetings of the Board and at the Annual Meeting of Members. The President is also in communication with and reports on activities of organizations that are related to the Sleeping Giant, and of the DEEP. Vice-President: Aaron LeflandAssists and stands in for the President. Treasurer: Rebecca TaddeiManages the… Continue reading Officers

Committee Chairs

Park Naturalist: Gail CameronA scientist who consults with the Association on matters pertaining to natural history of and in the Park. Merchandise Manager: Vincent Contrucci: Operates the Trading Post and manages the storage facility, fills and mails orders, renews stock as needed, proposes and supervises the design and sale the new items, and keeps records… Continue reading Committee Chairs


As outlined in the bylaws, the Board of Directors is limited to 23 members. As the nature and number of Committees may vary from time to time, the number of positions for Directors-at-Large will also vary. The Directors-at-Large attend meetings, volunteer in various capacities, and learn about Board mandates and activities preparatory for assuming more… Continue reading Directors-at-Large