Committee Chairs

Park Naturalist:
A scientist who consults with the Association on matters pertaining to natural history of and in the Park.

Merchandise Manager: Vincent Contrucci:
Operates the Trading Post and manages the storage facility, fills and mails orders, renews stock as needed, proposes and supervises the design and sale the new items, and keeps records of Trading Post activity.

Hiking Committee Chair: Mick Martucci
Plans and organizes, with the Hiking Committee, the series of guided hikes planned for spring, fall, and winter; attends all hikes; and with accompanying committee members monitors the safety and activity of those attending the hike.

Environmental Stewardship Chair: Gail Cameron
The Environmental Stewardship Chair informs and educates members of the Board and the public regarding environmental issues affecting Sleeping Giant, oversee subcommittees for various projects such as invasive plant control and the butterfly garden, brings forward suggestions to the Board for projects to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the Park, and sets up a schedule for monthly invasive plant removal and directs the crew of volunteers.

Butterfly Garden Coordinator:
Works under direction of the Environmental Stewardship Committee, consults with members of Butterfly Garden Committee in order to assess the needs of the garden as it grows, recruit volunteers and organize volunteer activities in the garden, such as weeding, watering, planting and transplanting, keeps and inventory of plants and lists of wildlife seen in the garden, and provides periodic reports to the Board of Directors.

Membership Chair: Karen Marotta
Organizes the annual membership mailing, processes membership returns, updates and maintains the membership database, and reports regularly to the Board on membership issues.

Community Outreach Chair: Aaron Lefland
Works with other Board members and committees to publicize events and programs, and to share information of possible interest to the public via online forums and social media. The chair also works with teachers and others organizations to promote the Giant hosting information tables at various local venues.

Webmaster: Manju Prabhu
Monitors and maintains the SGPA website, and arranges for host space and online document storage.

Trail Crew Supervisor: Mike Miller
Organizes work crews that meet weekly, prioritizing tasks which include trash detail, trail blazing, brush removal, trail obstacle monitoring, and erosion control.

Land Acquisition Chair: Jeff Borne
Monitors and reports the availability of properties contiguous to the park for possible acquisition, negotiates with property owners for sale of properties, and works with the State of CT on transferring acquired land to the State.

Historian/Archivist: Gil Spencer
Files materials of long-term value in the archives (minutes, reports, etc.), reports on findings of historical importance relating to the Giant, and provides historical context for Board deliberations and activities.

Projects Coordinator: Ron Raffone
Recruits groups and individuals for projects, brings prospective projects to the Board for consideration, coordinates projects with the Park Manager and/or Maintainer, oversees works in progress, and publicizes completed projects.

Giant Masters’ Coordinator: Deane Hetric
Manages the Giant Masters’ Program.