Sleeping Giant Map on Avenza

The Sleeping Giant Park Association is excited to announce the release of a new, GPS-enabled map. The map is free to download and can be used by anyone with a smartphone. Within the map, you can see your location, track your route, drop pins, examine topography and more.

Download Steps:

  1. Go to app store (either Apple or Android) and search for Avenza Maps. The app’s icon is displayed above. Once you’ve found it, download the app.
  2. Once Avenza Maps has downloaded, open the app. You may be asked to create an account, or enter some information. Go ahead and do that, or skip the process if given the option.
  3. When finished registering, go to the app’s Map Store by clicking “Store” in the bottom navigation menu. The map store has thousands of maps available for download. Some are free, others are not.
  4. To find the Sleeping Giant map within the Map Store, simply type “Sleeping Giant” into the search bar at the top of the Map Store page. The full name of the map is “Sleeping Giant Trails”.
  5. To download the map, simply click the “Free” button, and then the “Download” button. The map may take a few minutes to download and process. When complete, you can open the map by clicking “Open Map”.
  6. Your downloaded maps can be accessed by clicking “My Maps” in the bottom navigation bar.

OR, visit this URL on your mobile device:

Some neat features in Avenza:

  • See your location:
    As long as you are “on” the map, your location will be denoted with a glowing blue dot (similar to google maps). The dot may not be accurate at first, and may jump around for a few seconds, but after about 10 seconds, it should hone in on your location.
  • Track your route:
    With the map open, click the three dots in the bottom-right corner. In the pop-up select “Record GPS Tracks”. In the new window, be sure to hit “Start Tracking”. Once tracking starts, you can see a few data points including distance traveled. If you minimize the “Tracking” window, you will also see your route being drawn onto the map. You can delete the route once you’ve stopped tracking, or keep all of your routes as you work towards becoming a Giant Master.
  • Cellular data not required:
    Cellular reception and/or 3G/LTE/5G is not required to display your location. Your phone uses a different system for GPS locations, and the location feature will work even if you are in airplane mode.