Giant Master Program

Set yourself a challenge! Current SGPA members can become a Giant Master by hiking all 32 miles of blazed trails at the park.

Download a copy of the Giant Master Log & Map, and follow the instructions therein to properly record and submit your hiking log. Once approved, you’ll receive a Giant Master certificate and a Giant Master patch.

As of May 15, 2022, the Giant Master Program is on hold.

If you sent a completed hiking log before May 15, 2022, it will be reviewed and acknowledged. We are currently working to streamline the program, and will release updated information about the structure of the program when its is available.

Giant Master Categories

Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails at the park, on whatever timeline you are comfortable with.

4-Season Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails in each of the four seasons (does not have to be consecutive seasons, nor in the same year).

12-Month Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails in each month of a year (must be done in twelve consecutive months – not necessarily in the same calendar year).
Giant Master Marathoner*: Hike all of the blazed trails in a single day.

Note that each Giant Master category is a separate achievement. Hikes completed for one category can not be counted towards another.

*A note to potential Marathoners: This endeavor can only be completed when the park is open and under safe weather conditions. Please arrange for emergency contact, and bring sufficient food, water, and supplies. In the interest of safe hiking, we do NOT accept 4-season or 12-month Marathoners.

Get Started With the Log & Map

Download the Giant Master log & map, and follow the instructions therein to record your hikes. 

When complete, click the link below to submit your log to our Giant Master Coordinator.

Additional Resources

A complete list of Giant Masters in all categories, dating back to the program’s start in 1995, is available here.

Have questions about the Giant Master Program or the various categories? Head to our FAQ page.