Butterfly Garden Report

October 11, 2017

From Danny Brass: Butterfly Garden Grant Manager
The volunteers have continued their work in the butterfly garden throughout the summer. They did an outstanding job maintaining and improving both its beauty and functionality. One of the volunteers also provided and maintained the hummingbird feeder. A list of butterfly and moth species identified in the garden this year will be published here shortly. Several monarch caterpillars were noted in the garden this summer, as well as our first observation of a monarch chrysalis (pupa). We were thrilled by the visit of a variegated fritillary butterfly; the first time one was observed at the Garden. We have also seen large numbers of painted lady butterflies this year. In addition to the butterflies and moths, the usual assortment of beetles, true bugs, true flies, and other insects were observed, including a host of predatory species.

From Julie Hulten: Butterfly Garden Co-ordinator
Watering: As Fall progresses, blooms are starting to fade. The dry spell did not help.
The hummingbird feeder, which afforded some excitement over the summer, is now retired for the season.

We have two regular volunteers besides me. Their dedication and enthusiasm is much appreciated.

The Butterfly Garden ‘totem’ was installed. It’s lovely and eye-catching. We gave the young artist community service credit and we sent her a copy of the alphabet book. Her uncle provided photos for the recent article in the Giant News. Later in the fall we’ll uninstall the totem and store it in the shed for the winter.

Danny has some terrific ideas for setting up the former equipment shed specific to the needs of Butterfly Garden workers. We’ll keep as much/many of our equipment and tools in that shed as space allows.