Trail Maintenance

The modern trail system on the Giant was laid out by Norman Greist (left) and Richard Elliott (right).

The 11 trails were built in 1957-1960 thanks to the dedication of Greist and Elliott and their hardworking volunteers. Over thirty miles of backwoods trails touch all the major features of the Giant. In 1977 the Sleeping Giant trails became the first trails in Connecticut to be recognized by the United States Department of Interior as a National Recreational Trail. Today, the system includes a horse trail and a cross-country ski trail.

A dedicated group of volunteers maintains the trails clearing fallen trees, removing litter, repainting the trail markers and improving or relocating trails where necessary to minimize erosion.

Since 1993 the trails crew has removed over 2200 pounds of litter from the park. You can help by not littering and by picking up litter when you find it. If you would like to be more actively involved with trail maintenance, the volunteers meet in the parking lot at 9:30 Sunday mornings, April through November. The crew usually goes out for about two hours weather permitting.

For more information, please contact the Trail Crew Supervisor.