The status of other State Parks is available on DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) website.
You can also follow @CTStateParks on Twitter.


– Please continue to follow CDC guidelines for COVID
– Some exciting news that you have been waiting for. SGPA group hikes will be starting in January’2022, after a long pause during the pandemic. Dates will be announced soon.
– Please keep your dogs on leash according to DEEP guidelines for Responsible Recreation.
– Ticks population is on the rise in Connecticut. Please educate yourself about Ticks and Safety Measures.
– Stay Safe while hiking by staying on the Marked trails. Enjoy nature and please Leave No Trace.
– SGPA trail crew and volunteers along with DEEP employees planted several trees in the picnic area devastated by the tornado of 2018.

For more information on Trails Crew operations or would like to join Trail Crew, please see the Trail Maintenace Page . Help the our Trail Crew by reporting any obstructions , graffiti or cairns you see by email to

You can help the SGPA’s mission by becoming an SGPA member, or making a tax-deductible Donation.

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