The status of other State Parks is available on DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) website.
You can also follow @CTStateParks on Twitter.


– Please continue to follow CDC guidelines for COVID
– All scheduled hikes have been cancelled until further notice.
– Please keep your dogs on leash according to DEEP guidelines for Responsible Recreation.
– Ticks population is on the rise in Connecticut. Please educate yourself about Ticks and Safety Measures.
– Stay Safe while hiking by staying on the Marked trails. Enjoy nature and please Leave No Trace.
– Do you know what a “CAIRN” is and why they don’t belong in our beautiful parks ?

Trails crew has resumed maintenance work; For more information on Trails Crew operations or would like to join Trail Crew,
please see the Trail Maintenace Page . Help the our Trail Crew by reporting any obstructions , graffiti or cairns you see by email to

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