Land Acquisition

The Sleeping Giant Park Association (SGPA) was founded in 1924 for the express purpose of acquiring and turning the Sleeping Giant into a public park. During its inaugural year, SGPA successfully acquired ~300 acres, either through purchase or donation (view a complete list, HERE). These lands were subsequently transferred to the State Park and Forest Commission, a forerunner of the CT DEEP and the CT State Parks Department.

By 1933, the park had expanded to 845 acres, largely due to SGPA’s persistent efforts. This expansion included the Giant’s head, an area where SGPA fought to halt quarrying operations.

Today, Sleeping Giant State Park includes more than 1500 acres, and land acquisition remains a core component of SGPA’s work. A dedicated Land Acquisition Committee identifies strategic additions to the park, and evaluates land abutting the park that may be available for donation or purchase.

SGPA gratefully accepts donations, which can be restricted for land acquisition. For additional information, please contact the Chair of our Land Acquisition Committee [email protected].