Giant Master Program

Set yourself a challenge! Current SGPA members can become a Giant Master by hiking all 32 miles of blazed trails at the park.

Check out the program requirements below, and take on the challenge. Once complete, you’ll receive a Giant Master patch and a digital certificate of completion.

Get Started…


Ensure You are a Current Member of SGPA

Participants of the Giant Master program must be current “Supporting Members” of SGPA ($25+ for an individual, or $35+ for a family), and sustain their membership from the time they start the challenge until they submit their final hiking log. You may wish to establish annually recurring gifts so that your membership does not lapse.


Understand the Program Requirements

Completing the Giant Master challenge requires you to hike the 32 miles of blazed hiking trails in the park. The challenge includes connector trails and excludes the horse and cross-country ski trails. Participants should be in good physical condition, and may wish to join one of SGPA’s guided hikes before registering for this program. Additional details can be found on the Giant Master FAQ page. 


Register for the Giant Master Program & Receive Confirmation

Registration is mandatory before embarking on the Giant Master challenge. Click the button, below, to go to the registration form. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with the official hiking log, corresponding trail map, and additional instructions for the program. 


Submit your Giant Master Log

After hiking all of the required trails and recording your hikes in the official log, you must submit your log to the Giant Master Program Coordinator ([email protected]) for review.


You’re a Giant Master!

After your log has been verified, you will receive a unique Giant Master number and certificate of completion by email. A Giant Master patch will be mailed to your address.

Congratulations! Your name will be added to our list of Giant Masters, and you are now eligible to participate in the Advanced Giant Master programs, described below.


Your Next Challenge Awaits

After completing the basic Giant Master program, SGPA members are eligible to participate in Advanced Giant Master programs, including:

4-Season Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails in each of the four seasons.

12-Month Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails in each month of a year.

Marathon Giant Master: Hike all of the blazed trails in a single day.

Additional Resources

View lists of Giant Masters in all categories, dating back to the program’s start in 1995.

Have questions about the Giant Master Program? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.