Environmental Stewardship

Sleeping Giant is more than a pretty place to hike – it is also an oasis for the plants and animals that reside here or use the park during their migration.

SGPA works to protect the natural resources at the park, and maintain the park’s vitality and biodiversity through monitoring and management practices that provide suitable habitat for native flora and fauna to thrive.

Stewardship projects are overseen by SGPA’s Environmental Stewardship Committee, which is composed of both SGPA board members and volunteers.

Invasive Species Management

One of the biggest stewardship projects at the park is to control non-native invasive species. Non-native invasive species exhibit aggressive growth patterns that displace important native species.

SGPA aims to control these plants, or where possible, eliminate them from the park. In doing so, we can protect the wide variety of native habitats, fauna, and flora for future generations to enjoy.

Butterfly Garden

SGPA volunteers have created a butterfly garden next to the park entrance. This lovely little refuge creates habitat for beautiful, and in some cases endangered, species. SGPA also maintains a list of insects observed here, and continues to add to it yearly.

Although the garden is planted, we continue to add to it and there are always opportunities to help with weeding and watering. Stop by and see what creatures you can spot, and get inspiration for using native plants in your yard.

Tree Planting

Many areas of the park were severely impacted by the 2018 tornadoes that swept through the park, but perhaps no area suffered as much damage as the picnic area and former pine grove.

In recent years, SGPA has been helping to replant this area with a variety of native tree species. As they grow, these trees will provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife, provide thermal cover for visitors, and restore the natural beauty of the park entrance.

Other Projects

From time to time SGPA also helps to plan and oversee other projects in the Park. We have installed fishing line receptacles along the Mill River and erected bluebird nest boxes in appropriate habitat.

There are several potential projects being considered and announcements will be made as they come to be implemented.

Check out our program calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities with the Environmental Stewardship Committee, or contact the committee chair at [email protected].