What We Do


The Sleeping Giant Park Association, Inc. was founded in 1924 to protect the Sleeping Giant from quarrying, and to establish the iconic ridgelines as a park for the people of Connecticut. SGPA is Connecticut’s oldest state park “friends group”, and has a tremendous history of conservation and stewardship.


The mission of SGPA, in partnership with the State of Connecticut, is to build upon a legacy of conservation and stewardship to expand the park and the opportunities it offers for physical recreation, spiritual renewal, and enjoyment of and learning about the natural world.

The Sleeping Giant Park Association carries out its mission
through a wide range of projects and programs, including:

Continuing A Conservation Legacy

From the start, SGPA has been the leading advocate for protecting this regional landmark. Our work has included the termination of quarrying at the giant, purchasing the initial land for the park, and growing the park to its current 1,500+ acres. Today, we continue to seek opportunities to add acreage to the park through the strategic acquisition of neighboring properties.

Creating Opportunities for Recreation

SGPA constructed and continues to maintain nearly 32 miles of hiking trails at Sleeping Giant State Park. Thanks to a dedicated volunteer trail crew, the trails remain open and accessible for all to enjoy. SGPA also maintains a series of cross-country ski trails and horseback riding trails on the northeast side of the park.

Stewarding the Giant

Caring for the Giant comes in many forms, and SGPA is committed to the sustainable stewardship of the park. With help from volunteers, we maintain a pollinator garden, remove invasive species, plant trees, pick up litter, and otherwise ensure that the park’s important natural habitats are cared for.

Engaging and Educating Visitors

Throughout the year, SGPA leads guided hikes and partners with other nonprofits and community groups to share our passion for Sleeping Giant State Park. The Giant has many stories to tell, and we are honored to give him a voice through our educational programs. Join us at an upcoming program or volunteer event.

Giving the Giant a Voice

SGPA advocates for the Sleeping Giant, and occasionally engages in issues related to CT State Parks more broadly. Proposals for communications towers, gas lines, logging, and an effort to close the park have all been defeated thanks to the hard work of SGPA, its volunteers, and its members. We’ve also advocated for the Passport to Parks program, open space funding through CT DEEP, and other conservation issues that impact the park.