SGPA is dedicated to preserving and enlarging our park. This only happens through the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. If you would like to help keep this wonderful resource in great shape for everyone to enjoy, please join us on some of our outings.

Opportunities abound, including everything from clearing downed trees, to pulling up invasive plants, or watering and tending our butterfly and pollinator garden. Use the contact information on the page for the activity that interests you or contact our volunteer projects coordinator: SGPA Projects Coordinator

Trail Maint3

Trail Maintenance

A dedicated group of volunteers (aka. Trailcrew) maintain the trails, clearing fallen trees, removing litter, repainting the trail markers and improving or relocating trails where necessary to minimize erosion. Since 1993 the ‘Trailcrew’ have removed over 2200 pounds of litter from the park. You can help by not littering and by picking up litter when… Continue reading Trail Maintenance

Environmental Stewardship

To help protect and preserve the natural resources of our park SGPA has formed the Environmental Stewardship Committee. The mission of the Environmental Stewardship Committee of the SGPA is to maintain the vitality and biodiversity of the Park lands through monitoring and management practices that will ensure high quality recreational opportunities and provide suitable habitat… Continue reading Environmental Stewardship

Butterfly Pollinator Garden

SGPA volunteers have created a butterfly garden next to the park entrance. This lovely little refuge for some beautiful, and in some cases endangered, species was created with donated plants and labor. Although the garden is planted we will be adding to it and there are always opportunities to help with weeding and watering. Stop… Continue reading Butterfly Pollinator Garden


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