A Giant History

The Sleeping Giant’s story dates back more than 210 million years – far too long for anyone to capture in its entirety. Below are links to pages that feature a few time periods of particular interest and/or of close relation to SGPA.

For a more detailed history of the Sleeping Giant, we recommend picking up a copy of “Born Among the Hills – The Sleeping Giant Story”. Written by Nancy Davis Sachse, its fourth edition was published in 2009 and contains greater detail and fascinating stories that build on what is provided here. Further information can be found in the SGPA archives, described below.

SGPA Today…

The Sleeping Giant Park Association is Connecticut’s oldest state park “friends group”, and has a tremendous history of conservation and stewardship.

Today, the mission of SGPA, in partnership with the State of Connecticut, is to build upon a legacy of conservation and stewardship to expand the park and the opportunities it offers for physical recreation, spiritual renewal, and enjoyment of and learning about the natural world.

Historic Archives

The Sleeping Giant Park Association, in cooperation with the Hamden Historical Society, maintain archives of documents and other materials related to the formation and operation of SGPA. These archives are publicly available to researchers or anyone else interested in the rich history of SGPA.