A Year-End Message from SGPA’s Board President

SGPA’s Year-End Appeal is Underway – Can We Count On You Support?

Dear Friends,

As the crisp winter air ushers in the final days of the year, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a new chapter in Hobbomock’s storied history – the centennial of Sleeping Giant State Park and the Sleeping Giant Park Association.

We have much to look forward to 2024, but first I’d like to reflect on some of our accomplishments from this past year, also highlighted below.

Our dedicated volunteers continue to play a vital role in park maintenance and improvement. From trail upkeep, to invasive species control, to graffiti removal, their work reflects your commitment to preserving this natural oasis.

We’ve also expanded our outreach efforts, offering more guided hikes and enhancing our website with new history pages, maps, and resources. These additions enable people from all walks of life to connect with nature and deepen their love for Sleeping Giant.

Perhaps the thing I’m most proud of is our involvement in creating a new interpretive panel that connects the land to indigenous history. I invite you to explore the panel, located near the park’s main kiosk, on your next visit.

Your support plays a pivotal role in our ongoing mission to conserve and steward the Sleeping Giant. Your generosity allows us to embark on meaningful initiatives that continue to transform the park into a beacon of environmental stewardship and community engagement.

As we look back on these accomplishments, I invite you to join me in preparing for the next chapter of the Giant’s story, with a special year-end gift.

This next chapter filled with exciting prospects, and the promise of a vibrant future for this cherished natural treasure.

As we approach the park’s 100th anniversary in 2024, we are preparing to celebrate a century of natural beauty, community engagement, and countless memories created within its embrace. Your continued support ensures that these celebrations will be a fitting tribute to the enduring legacy of Sleeping Giant.

In collaboration with the state, we are on the cusp of realizing a monumental achievement—a visitor’s center for Sleeping Giant State Park, with a hopeful opening in 2024. This center will be a hub of education and discovery, welcoming visitors from near and far, and offering a deeper connection to the park’s wonders. Your contributions will help bring this dream to life.

With your support, we can continue to make strides in these areas and accomplish even more. Your year end contribution helps fund critical projects, educational programs, and the overall stewardship of Sleeping Giant State Park.

Your support extends beyond the tangible benefits—it makes you a part of the Sleeping Giant community. Membership with the Sleeping Giant Park Association provides you with exclusive benefits, including a subscription to Giant News, invitations to special events, and the opportunity to participate in the Giant Master program.

By supporting SGPA, you demonstrate your commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Sleeping Giant and ensuring that future generations can share in its splendor. Your generosity ensures that Sleeping Giant remains not just a park but a living testament to our shared responsibility as stewards of the land.

Every dollar you contribute, every hour you volunteer, and every vote of confidence in our work brings us one step closer to securing the future of Sleeping Giant State Park.

Thank you for your unwavering support – I look forward to seeing you on the trails.

Warmest regards,

Luis Arata
Board President

P.S. Sustain your support as an annual or monthly supporter – visit SGPA.org/donate to make your gift online and set up recurring contributions.