Giant Master

The Giant Master program is open to all SGPA members. We hope this will encourage our members to explore all the wonderful trails and special places in the park. Some Giant Masters send us stories and impressions from their hikes. We print some of these in the Giant News so all our members can share the experience.

In order to become a Giant Master, any SGPA Member must hike all the marked trails and log the dates on a Giant Master’s Log. Please note the four conditions (indicated at the top of the Log) that must be met by anyone wishing to become a Giant Master. Send the completed log to the Giant Master Coordinator and receive a Giant Master’s certificate and a Giant Master’s patch.

Download a copy of the Giant Master’s Log here.

Our members are finding new Giant Masters challenges! We have Four-Season Giant Masters who have hiked and logged all trails in each of the four seasons, 12-Month Giant Masters who have hiked and logged all the trails 12 times (once in each consecutive month in a one year period). Please be aware that each Giant Master category is a separate achievement. Hikes completed for one category do not count toward another category. We also have Giant Master Marathoners who hiked all the trails in one day! A note to potential Marathoners: This endeavor should be carried out only during the part of the year when all 32 miles of blazed trails can be completed safely during daylight hours. The hiker should arrange for emergency contact, as well as for sufficient food, water, and other supplies.