Sleeping Giant Evokes a Vision – Article in CT Woodlands Magazine

Looking for an inspiring read? Check out this insightful article, “Sleeping Giant Evokes a Vision,” penned by Tara Stoeffler in the most recent edition of CT Woodlands Magazine, a publication by our friends at Connecticut Forest & Park Association.

The story details a field trip to Sleeping Giant State Park through Tara’s  environmental literature class at North Haven High School. The course, titled “Visions of Nature,” includes studying works by environmental authors and culminates in exploring the park. The trip highlights nature’s resilience, as evidenced by the recovery after the 2018 tornado, and underscores themes from the literature, such as the human impact on nature and the importance of preserving wilderness.

In the article, Stoeffler reflects on her growing appreciation for nature and the need for conscious efforts to protect it. She concludes by writing :

“My own “vision” was formed as a result of my time spent in nature, both in our class and on my own, together with our study of influential environmental writers, thinkers, and activists. Most of all, our hike reinforced the importance of admiring the Earth where you are. We must make conscious decisions to experience and understand nature in order to willfully invest in its protection.”

Dive into the full story HERE.