Sleeping Giant in the News – Connecticut Public

SGPA board members Mick Martucci and Tom Morse were among those featured in a June 2, 2023 story about Sleeping Giant State Park, featured on Connecticut Public Radio. The transcript is available below.

Miles of trail open for exploration at Hamden’s Sleeping Giant State Park
Photo and story by Chris Polansky, Connecticut Public Radio

“It’s a late Sunday in May and the weather is perfect for a hike on any of the 32 miles of trail in Connecticut’s 1,500-acre Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden. Today, volunteer trail guide Mick Martucci of the Sleeping Giant Park Association is leading about a dozen hikers on an introductory trek.

“I love this place,” Martucci says. “I come up here all the time. I try to hike two or three times a week – I’ve hiked all the trails many, many times.”

The group includes several neuroscientists, a lawyer, parents and their children – and one public radio reporter.

“We just moved here and we decided this was going to be an awesome way to show him around,” says Victor Olmedo, pointing out his wife, Julia Xia, and their 6-year-old son, Calvin.

“I wanted to go for a hike and had no one else to go with me, so I figured what better way than to go with a group of people?” says Emily Griffin of Meriden.

Helmuth Sanchez of New Haven is examining a fallen branch, deciding if it’s the right one to use as a trekking stick. “I don’t know North American standards, but I suppose it works,” jokes Sanchez, who’s already found sticks for his kids, 10-year-old Anabel and 12-year-old Albert, who are accompanying him.

After about 45 minutes of walking uphill past (and over) streams and small chasms, Martucci stands on a rock face and points out the New Haven skyline…

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