Trail Crew Update – Year-End 2022

It’s been a busy year on the trails. We started our trail work season on April 3rd and had multiple crews out every Sunday, despite some less than perfect weather, until we wrapped things up for the winter on December 4th. Thirty-five Sundays in all. In addition, we have several volunteers who work independently, year-round, addressing sudden problems or safety concerns

The Numbers:

  • 1039 volunteer hours were donated this year
  • 87 blowdowns taken out
  • 307 lb. trash removed (this is a lot more that it sounds considering that much of it was things like Styrofoam cups and plastic bottles)

More of what the Trail Crew has done:

  • All 32 miles of trails in the park were patrolled, brushed back and cleared, most multiple times during the year.
  • All of the Red Trails, Horse Trails and cross country ski trails were re-blazed. We also repainted of some of the Geology Markers under the guidance of Danny Brass.
  • Graffiti was removed from the Quarry, Chin, Chest, Nature Trail, White Trail in various places, Violet Trail at the Pond, Picnic area and Parking Lot.
  • We installed and maintained water-bars for erosion control along the Blue, Violet, Red Square, and Red Circle Trails. Existing water-bars in the park were cleaned out and repaired as needed.
  • Helped maintain the Butterfly Garden and assisted with invasive species removal in support of the Environmental Stewardship Committee.
  • Repaired the Nature Trail and Red Circle Trail, including minor rerouting, installing trail-side logs and trail tread-way repair
  • Conducted several river and pond clean up’s, as well as road clean up’s along, Whitney Ave, Tuttle Road, Hartford Tpk and Mt. Carmel Ave.
  • Parking Lot construction along Tuttle Road at the Red Circle Trailhead
  • Bridge Repair and Bog Bridge Repair throughout the Park
  • Clearing and signage installation at trailheads
  • Tower Path culverts cleaned out
  • Trees planted in the picnic area

It’s been a busy year and I’m sure there’s stuff I’m forgetting to mention but that’s the bulk of it. Our weekly Trail Crew work is scheduled to start again in early April and we’re already looking forward to it.

This update was provided by SGPA Board Member and Trail Crew Manager, Mike Miller. To learn more about the Trail Crew, click HERE. Header photo taken by Julie Hulten.